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My Grandmother's Cookbook
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Some Comments On The Book And Author

"...Madam Roshan Ara Khan has proved herself a nonpareil chef, a veritable grandmaster of the culinary craft!..."
A S K Joommal (Editor: Al - Balaagh)

"...In order to cater for the young and old, I have incorporated some popular dishes such as Thai Soup, Chinese Chicken and Iris Stew."
Roshan A Khan (Author)

"...Indeed, Mrs Khan has been extremely generous and has spared no effort in ensuring that the best emerge from her treasure trove of recipes."
A Majid Khan (Headmaster Al - Nur School)

"...Even the" fast food" junkies attest to her skills by giving preference to her gastronomic delights over their 'quick fix' foods."
Moulana M Mall (Editor: Minaret)

"The variety of food is an excellent blend of nutrition, taste and health value."
A W Sadathullah Khan (Editor: Islamic Voice)

"Indian cooking is internationally famous for the varieties of dishes it encompasses and various exotic tastes it delivers."
A S Dada (Botswana Muslim Association)

"... to partake of her sumptuous and wonderful wide array of tastefully prepared food."
I Jassat (Media Review Network)

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